Sinner is unique. A blend of religious heritage, opulent rooms and spectacular spaces. Contrasting radical lines with suggestive curves, and a feeling of unpolished luxury with the most enticing atmospheres. Remaining true to his signature, interior designer Tristan Auer leaves trends behind and surprises even in the tiniest details. From the electric relaxation of the restaurant to rooms inspired by ecclesiastical quarters, and from dark hallways illuminated by lanterns to the concept store in the crypt. The attention to detail continues in the mysterious spa, inspired by Roman baths. Like a well-kept secret, hidden behind a heavy door, it invites you to step into a private, secret half-light, and only borrows the aromas of a forbidden scent from the monastic atmosphere. And, throughout the hotel, stained-glass windows and a mystical soundtrack stand out against the opulent texture of velvet, drapery, and mirrors. Sinner marks a new chapter in the life of Paris, liberated from all the old standards.


He is one of the most iconic interior designers of his generation. Regarded as a daring interior designer, he does not fit into any school or category. He eschews the latest trends in preference for expressive clashes of artistic styles, and combinations of eras which make sense and offer a unique interpretation. To define Sinner’s DNA, Tristan Auer first rooted his work in the memory of this neighbourhood, which was once home to religious orders, then the aristocracy, and has now become one of the hotspots for Creation. He was also inspired by memories of childhood, from which he selected the decade-long optimism and carefree attitude of the 70s.